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Posted on 06-19-2013

Summer belongs to kids.  It’s a time marked by freedom from school studies in exchange for a little relaxation.  Though kids might be able to relax on their school work, summer isn’t the time to relax on healthy nutrition and physical activity.

With more free time on their hands kids have no excuse for skimping on their hour of needed physical activity each day.  It’s also the perfect time to learn more about living healthy without having to worry about mastering other subjects.

So don’t let the summer go to waste and further add to the health problems of American youth by sitting in front of a T.V. all day.  Summer is the time to get outside and get kids in action!  There’s plenty of ways to still enjoy a fun summer break while also living healthy.

Summer can quickly fall into boredom if kids are disjointed from their friends and not interacting with their peers.  Summer sports programs are a great way for kids to make new friends, be social and get exercise all at the same time among many other benefits.  Give your kid the choice of what sport they want to play and in what surroundings.

Kids’ sports can be organized by formal leagues, loose pick-up games, scheduled classes or even neighborhood gatherings.  The most important thing is that the child is comfortable and enjoying the sport whether it be a martial arts class or a neighborhood game of dodgeball.

It’s extremely important that parents teach kids about proper technique and safety when playing a sport.  Find more info on sports safety here.

Enjoying the Outdoors
There’s no better time than the summer to enjoy the great outdoors.  And getting outdoors can easily led into fun physical activity.  Take hikes through nature trails to discover local wildlife, swim in pools or nearby lakes, rivers or the ocean, bike to new neighborhoods, have slip and slide sprinkler parties to get moving.  Getting outdoors can not only get kids the exercise they need to stay healthy but also introduce to whole new environments to learn about and explore.

Summer Programs
There are lots of summer programs offered by various organizations all over the country that are directed at giving kids a healthy summer experience.  These programs feature all sorts of creative and physical activities while kids get a chance to interact in a group.  Schools, churches, the YMCA, the American Legion, overnight summer camps and more can all offer kids the chance for

At Home
To curb sedentary activity limit the amount kids spend watching television, playing online and playing video games.  It can be hard to contain the urge during summer but this could create very bad habits that carry on into the school year.  Take the temptation out of the house if possible to make it easier.  Make requirements that to even do these sedentary activities the daily physical activity requirements must be reached first.

Make sure the physical activities are still fun so they don’t feel like a chore.  This can be easily done by have the child come up with their own weekly exercise schedule that you help them with.  It doesn’t have to be stringent or involved either.  The best thing about the exercise schedule is getting the child involved and interested and blocking out the time.  Also incorporating family physical activity will help keep kids active at home during the summer.


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