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Posted on 04-09-2013


Have you ever wondered if you should be taking vitamins, minerals, herbs, or be on a special diet?  And if so, which ones and how much should you be taking?  If you are like most people, you have been bombarded by information from T.V., newspapers, magazines or from a neighbor with good intentions.  However, if you took everything that you read about, you would probably be taking 50 different supplements.  This can all be overwhelming and time consuming, not to mention expensive.  Even more importantly, you may be taking something or a combination of something that may actually be harmful to you.  Just because vitamins, minerals and herbs are natural substances, does not mean that they can not be harmful if taken improperly.  Many do have contraindications.  For example, gingko biloba should not be taken by someone on a prescription blood thinner.  Someone with Lupus should not take echinacea.  Even iron can be harmful if taken improperly.

So how do you know what to take?  Every person is individual.  Each person’s chemistry, history and current health status is different, and thus their individual needs are different.  The first step is to consult an educated professional.  Someone who has been trained and experienced in the field of natural health, and has a working knowledge of vitamins, minerals and herbs and their uses.  Such a professional will usually begin with a complete history and examination to help establish your current health status.  This intake should also contain information about your goals.  If your goal is to lose weight, your concerns and program will be different than someone suffering from a chronic illness or disease or someone who just wants tho maintain their current health status.  Many times establishing an effective program may require gathering information using other procedures, such as blood testing, allergy testing or other necessary procedures.  This information is then utilized to recommend a specific diet and/or supplementation program designed to specifically fit your individual needs.  

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