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Cold Laser / Phototherapy

Bender Chiropractic Center utilizes a FDA approved MedX class IIIb, 200 mW infra-red laser, and superluminous infra-red diode packs.

  •     Arthritis/rheumatism
  •     Tendonitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow
  •     Repetitive Stress Injuries (i.e. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  •     Neck and Lower back pain
  •     Soft Tissue Injuries, Strains and Sprains
  •     Migraine headaches
  •     TMJ and sinus
  •     Ear infections

First developed over 30 years ago, phototherapy uses a specific type of light to penetrate the skin’s surface and underlying tissues to stimulate the body’s natural repair processes. Applying light produced by low level laser and super-luminous diodes, triggers normal cellular functions that lead to faster wound healing, pain relief and accelerated functional recovery. The result is faster healing and reduced pain, swelling and inflammation.

Some of the unique healing effects of MedX Phototherapy include:

  •     Increased cell metabolism
  •     Improved localized blood circulation
  •     Development of collagen and muscle tissue
  •     Relief from acute and chronic pain
  •     Reduced localized inflammation and edema
  •     Stimulation for wound healing and tissue repair
  •     Stimulation of the immune system
  •     Stimulation of nerve function